Deadline: 25th December, 2021


Applications are now open for “The Activist 2022”- The Real Influencers which will be held in Kathmandu, Nepal  on 1st January, 2022.  This will be a historic competition that aims to bring out the best stories of the activists in Nepal and  appreciate the efforts of activists and leaders working for the positive transformation of Nation. 

Light House Foundation was established as non- governmental, nonprofit  humanitarian organization seeking to ensure the minimum standard of living for the children who are destitute, socially excluded, vulnerable and whose existence has been jeopardized by sexual abuse, violence, trafficking and conflict. To this end, it started to operate seven child care house with 700 children in different parts of Nepal, primarily, Kathmandu, Surkhet and Hetauda. Within a decade of its functioning, LHFN has come too far with the success story of integration of around 450 children in the society. Currently LHFN is having 2 hostels in Kathmandu, 250 students and 30 staffs.

Light House Foundation strives to provide a better pathway for the next generation of young adults so they can experience and enjoy life the way they want. The organization has been supporting the young people to explore their potential and appreciate the contribution of young people towards society and activism. Light House Foundation has been proud partner for Global Youth Leadership Summit 2019 at Kathmandu, Nepal. Besides, Light House Foundation supports different forums and programs that focus on supporting young people.

Rekha Thapa Foundation is major partner for this program. Rekha Thapa foundation is a leading social organization based in Kathmandu Nepal with aim of strengthening women Leadership and other social activities.

The Young Achievers (TYA) is the global storytelling platform. Whereas in this era of liberalization, globalization and GloCotion it is necessary to mobilize, enhance, promote, inspire, participation and built a networking and coordination between and among the young achievers so as to promote stories, achievements, success, opportunities and leadership hereby, The Young Achievers (TYA) has been established. We collect, document and share untold and unseen truth stories of millions of young people from around the world. The major goal of TYA is Building a strong motivation & inspiration to strengthen the new generation and connect, communicate, inspire and explore in the Presence of Peace and Democracy is our highway by the The Young Achievers in cooperation with various global Medias and organizations. It aims to enhancing dialogue and mutual understanding as well as promoting the entrepreneurship among the youth communities. In order to achieve these goals, the project stands on three main pillars.

In these contextual settings, Light House Foundation and  The Young Achievers is organizing “THE ACTIVIST 2022” on 1st January in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Program will comprise of auditions and final award ceremony.


By definition, activism is: The policy of active participation or engagement in a particular sphere of activity; spec. the use of vigorous campaigning to bring about social change.  Activist is the one who advocates or practices activism: a person who uses or supports strong actions in support of social transformation and innovation.  Social movements in the 1990s were pioneering in transforming Nepal’s public debate and raised issues fundamental to deepening democracy: social and economic inequality, linguistic and cultural rights, secularism, caste- and ethnicity-based discrimination, and recognition of diversity and identity. The dimensions of the activism have changed over the years. The new dimension that has become the part of the activism is youth activism, green activism and policy activism.

However, the essence of activism in present days has been blurred at some point due to misinterpretation of activism by different interest groups that have alienated young people from the real essence of activism. The disinformation and misinformation among the young activist have taken the path of activism in wrong directions at some points.

In order to preserve the value of real activism among young people and encourage them to raise voices for social transformations with facts, We are organizing the a competition among young people to pitch their ideas upon activism and reflect upon their experiences of social issues in the relevant areas.

  • Objectives:

The overall objective of THE ACTIVIST 2022 is to gather young leaders, innovators, youth activists and civil society pioneers from around Nepal in a single forum to pitch their ides, reflect upon their experiences, and share their own meaningful role of youth and social activism. The major objective of this program is to appreciate the contribution of activist in Nepal and award them for their heroic work in transformation of society. The other specific objectives of the Competition are as follows:

  • To encourage the best practices through mutual learning on ideas and initiatives of advocacy tools for social activism.
  • To share and explore the different ideas of youth activism and social transformation, where they play leadership role in the field of issues that are related to the social change.  
  • To inspire and motivate for the involvement of young people and stress towards the importance of working towards more inclusive and diverse communities.
  • To promote the good governance, freedom of speech and safe spaces for youth advocacy.
  • Documenting the competition and prepare a comprehensive report on the activism in Nepal.

First Prize: NRs. 50,000, Trophy, Medal and Certificate

Second Prize: NRs. 25,000, Trophy, Medal and Certificate

Third Prize: NRs. 15,000, Trophy, Medal and Certificate

  • Nomination entry is free of charge.
  • The deadline of submission of application is on 1st January , 2022.
  • The top five finalists will be shortlisted on 20th December, 2021.
  • The Grand Finale will be held on 1st January, 2022 in Nepal Tourism Board Hall.
  • Nominee should submit the testimonials (Documents, stories, photos, videos or other materials related to your activism) of his/ her contribution as activist to promote activism in Nepal.
  • Only five activists will be shortlisted for Grand Finale.
  • Nominees must be prepared for the audition and final award ceremony in person during the awards presentation and be willing for their names and images to be used for publicity purposes.
  • All submitted entries will remain confidential and the property of Light House Foundation and The Young Achievers. Names and contact details will not be shared with third parties due to data protection.
  • Upon submission of entry, nominees agree that Light House Foundation and The Young Achievers may use information provided in the entry form for press purposes and published case studies. No confidential information will be shared or disclosed.
  • Light House Foundation, The Young Achievers and the independent judging panel reserve the right to make decisions relating to any changes at any time through the The Activist audition, competition and final award process.
  • The audition will be conducted by Light House Foundation and The Young Achievers.  
  •  The award event will be held at Nepal Tourism Board. The event will be aired live on Nepal Television.
  • The awards consist of a cash prize, celebratory trophy, medal and certificate.
  • Nominees must be prepared to accept their award during the awards presentation and be willing for their names and images to be used for publicity purposes.
  • Rekha Thapa,  National Actor of Nepali Film Industry and Social Activist
  • Diwakar Aryal, Founder/ President, Global Youth Parliament and Youth Leader
  • Sabin Lamichhane, Founder/ President, One Peace World and Peace Diplomat
  • Rajan Kuikel, Human Right Activist and Media Personality
  • Vijay Lama, President, Light House Foundation Nepal and Social Activist
  • Prakriti GC, Youth Professional and Social Worker