The Young Achievers is the global storytelling platform. Whereas in this era of liberalization, globalization and GloCotion it is necessary to mobilize, enhance, promote, inspire, participation and built a networking and coordination between and among the young achievers so as to promote stories, achievements, success, opportunities and leadership hereby, The Young Achievers (TYA) has been established. We collect, document and share untold and unseen truth stories of millions of young people from around the world.Building a strong motivation & inspiration to strengthen the new generation is our goal and connect, communicate, inspire and explore in the Presence of Peace and Democracy is our highway by the The Young Achievers in cooperation with various global medias and organizations. It aims to enhancing dialogue and mutual understanding as well as promoting the entrepreneurship among the youth communities in order to achieve these goals.

(Note: You can directly mail at join.tya.hq@gmail.com)

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